An introduction to the importance of control in management

The Importance of Control in management are as follows:

An introduction to the importance of control in management

An introduction to the importance of control in management

The importance of controlling becomes clear from the following facts: The controlling process is implemented to take care of the plans. With the help of controlling, deviations are immediately detected and corrective action is taken. Therefore, the difference between the expected results and the actual results is reduced to the minimum.

In this way, controlling is helpful in achieving the goals of the organisation. While performing the function of controlling, a manager compares the actual work performance with the standards.

He tries to find out whether the laid down standards are not more or less than the general standards. In case of need, they are redefined.

Controlling makes it possible to use human and physical resources efficiently. Under controlling, it is ensured that no employee deliberately delays his work performance. In the same way, wastage in all the physical resources is checked.


Through the medium of controlling, an effort is made to motivate the employees. The implementation of controlling makes all the employees to work with complete dedication because they know that their work performance will be evaluated and if the progress report is satisfactory, they will have their identity established in the organisation.

Controlling ensures order and discipline. With its implementation, all the undesirable activities like theft, corruption, delay in work and uncooperative attitude are checked. Coordination among all the departments of the organisation is necessary in order to achieve the organisational objectives successfully.

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All the departments of the organisation are interdependent. For example, the supply of orders by the sales department depends on the production of goods by the production department.

Through the medium of controlling an effort is made to find out whether the production is being carried out in accordance with the orders received. If not, the causes of deviation are found out and corrective action is initiated and hence, coordination between both the departments is established.The Importance of Control in management are as follows: (1) Reduces Risk: Control eliminates the risk of non-conformity of actual performance with the main goals of the organisation.

The Control Function of Management

Control is the. The Importance of Planning and Control in an Organisation: Planning is the most basic of all management functions and it provides the framework on which the rest of the managerial functions are implemented.

It is the process of deciding in advance what is to be done. Controlling is an important function of management which all the managers are required to perform. In order to contribute towards achievement of organisational objectives, a manager is required to exercise effective control over the activities of his subordinates.

This is the critical control function of management. And since management involves directing the activities of others, a major part of the control function is making sure other people do . Jun 27,  · Even the largest corporations cannot control the economic and competitive environment around them.

The management team sees areas where competitors may be vulnerable and then crafts marketing. What is the importance of control function in business organization? - This article speaks about the controlling function of a business management. It discusses the importance of controls in an organization in the attainment of business goals and objectives.

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