An introduction to the issue of female objectification in the media

It has been documented in children as young as three [1], but it is adolescents who appear to be most at risk for developing unhealthy attitudes towards their bodies based on this perception.

An introduction to the issue of female objectification in the media

Objectification of Women in Entertainment Media Introduction- A trend that is developing in entertainment media today is the objectification of women in society. Specifically in movies, music videos, music, and television, there is strong focus on women as sexual objects rather than women.

An introduction to the issue of female objectification in the media

This is detrimental to society because the media is creating social stereotypes for both men and women that can result in unhealthy social and physical habits. The issue is especially prevalent because the more the media uses sexual content regarding women, the more viewers seem to buy into them.

Thus, the media is able to shape the culture's sense of dating, romance, sex, and what is 'ideal' within society. The sexual attitudes of society are shaped and that has effects that can affect all demographics amongst society.

This media action is allowed to proceed because sex sells and this objectification of women is what society has proven they want to see in entertainment media.

My research question is how is society being affected by the media's objectification of women? That unhealthy train of thought can develop into recurring problems such as eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression.

These problems are directly linked to sexualized images in advertising and media entertainment such as this. These ads become the clothes women wear and the body image they strive to emulate. The problem is this image is not real or healthy, they are not human beings they are toys.

Suggestive sexual imagery within the media is just continuing to feed into these ideals that continue to develop in our culture.

These images are advertisements I have chosen to represent the media's use of sexuality as a selling pitch for their intended audience. These are especially alarming for both images. The first image portrays a shower gel advertisement intended for males, but instead they have chosen a dirty female to represent their brand, now why do that?

We see that the women is only seen for her body and her face is not seen or important to the ad which shows the importance in body over personality.

An introduction to the issue of female objectification in the media

The second advertisement is for guess jeans, but instead of featuring the jeans the picture is from the waist up which means they are selling sex and not the jeans themselves.

Why advertise jeans when you do not even picture them? Advertisers use this attribute by trying to associate their products and services with sexy imagery hoping that some of the hotness gets attached to their brand in the consumer's subconscious mind.

Literature Review- The theme that became evident in my literature research about objectification of women in media is its various effects of all different demographics in society, but a stronger affect of women.

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Women are being viewed as sexual objects and buy into this culture as well. This is clear because these sexual uses in media are making the media profitable and thus the trend will continue. The continuation of this trend is detrimental to society. Viewing a television program may change a person's immediate state by inducing arousal, leading to inhibition of impulses, or activating thoughts or associations.

It may also contribute to enduring learned patterns of behavior, cognitive scripts and schemas about sexual interactions, attitudes, and beliefs about the real world.

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They have created stereotypes amongst society: The internet, with its easy access and highly explicit sexual content, has become another important source of information.» Introduction; Media Portrayals of Girls and Women - Introduction and that the last few decades have also seen a growth in the presence and influence of women in media behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, female stereotypes continue to thrive in the media we consume every day. This study, with a theoretical grounding in objectification theory and social comparison theory, sought to analyze the effect of media images on the potential objectification and the body esteem of competitive collegiate female athletes.

Since the introduction of advertising many centuries ago, women have been objectified, and in some instances, insulted or degraded.

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In , a five-minute video featuring Jean Kilbourne went viral, racking up over 2 million views; it covered the extremely negative effects of advertising on women and girls.

The Objectification and Dismemberment of Women in the Media Introduction Kilbourne () pointed out that advertising is a billion dollar a year industry. The Objectification of Humans - Imagine this: what if every woman depicted through the media was to swap scenarios with men.

Instead of a scantily clad female gyrating in every background music video, there was a male in her place, doing as she was. Almost all mass media are advertising media and many of them are in introduction essay media women of objectification exclusively advertising media and, with the exception of alan essay species the about truth analysis burdick invasive public service future of help .

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Examples range on a spectrum from sexist jokes said in passing to sexual harassment and coercion, physical abuse, rape, and even murder. A sexist joke and an act of sexual violence might be dismissed as two very different and unrelated events, but they are in fact related.
The Objectification and Dismemberment of Women in the Media - Democratic Underground Print With new technologies, there is an increase in the commercialization of mass media at global levels. This also marks a steep increase in the objectification of women.
Objectification of Women in Media - Media & Change Objectification of women in media has been around for quite some time now but I never really recognized it or fully grasped the concept.
The Objectification and Dismemberment of Women in the Media Introduction Kilbourne pointed out that advertising is a billion dollar a year industry. Each day we are exposed to more than ads.
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