Analysis of cavemen in the hedges

Breakout attempt in play!

Analysis of cavemen in the hedges

Why were the pollsters wrong? Did, as a conference attendee predicted in Montana three weeks ago, a "Brexit effect" come true? If so, she was the only one I'd talked to who predicted this. I was caught off-guard by the results, as the rest of at least the chattering classes on the coasts or near enough to them, alas--I wish I had a sea breeze given the sultry, unseasonably muggy weather in L.

People posted black boxes as status updates. Memes about a "Calexit" of the Golden State and maybe its two northerly cousins float about.

The Canadian website for immigration crashed. Marchers thronged, among them my older son and his girlfriend, college grads scrabbling for part-time work in their new home of Chicago.

They'd moved there last summer, part for adventure, part out of realization they'd never afford my hometown where foreign capital drives up housing and politicians collude with developers for high-rises and lofts, ever-denser apartments catering to the scions of the post-recession sic.

Analysis of cavemen in the hedges

Last night, a friend of my wife came over and they both commiserated. I mused how at least the pot legalization would get many through the next few years. I told my friends on FB, amid self-indulgent hand-wringing and self-revealing contempt for the heartland that filled my feed, that my students often favored Him over Her, if veterans, no matter the box they checked on a census form.

The Second Amendment looms large over flyover country, too. I've been debating with Her supporters. They insist nobody in that feared red- quarantine zone would vote for a "socialist Jew.

Analysis of cavemen in the hedges

A scholar of the classics and a fifth-generation farmer near Fresno, Victor Davis Hanson is likely to be read by very few of those supporters or my neighbors who are caught in the same traffic as I was in the heavily Latino section of northeast L. Times is worth contemplation by us all.

Not many reasoned voices beyond the predictable enter my hometown paper, even before taken over by a Chicago conglomerate, TRONC, wretched website and thinning pages reminding me of, say, the Santa Cruz Sentinel rather than a once-formidable Fourth Estate compendium of pulp, pride, power.

Here's Hanson on the surprises, which some of my students might second. He'd predicted two months ago there were a lot of discontents in his center of California who might resist our submerged blue state.

Where I live, Dems run unopposed unless by one of their own. After I wrote this, I got caught in traffic. A protest was planned for Broadway.

I wondered if those alongside me were happy about the diversion that filled the intersections with cars so their neighbors I guess could vent their constitutional right of assembly.

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Or that an out of work lathe operator was not a big fan of globalization? Or that a sizable minority of African Americans thought the blunt and straight-talking Trump was more genuine than a female Romney? Clinton in the last weeks talked of the electorate as if it was a faceless hyphenated Borg — Latinos this, African Americans that, the gay vote, women voters — without any realization that she was referring to millions of Americans by their appearance rather than their essence as unique individuals.

In normal times, all that pandering would have been seen as illiberal. By then, the shock will have worn down to resignation and resentment as the inauguration looms.

While I doubt that awe will replace the PTSD that those all around me claim now as another protected status, those whom I work with who suffer the real symptoms, after our foolish wars, may pause and wonder, if as outliers muse, we dodged a bullet that Her wish to prove herself in Syria might have generated, and deaths again.

But I fear the resurgence of the military-industrial complex and the security state's Leviathan. Under either administration, we'd have faced this concerted eagerness to assert national superiority unwisely. Those who raised, as Hanson says elsewhere in his article today, over a billion for Her three times His amount did not expect their "donations" to go unrewarded.

Similarly, the lobbyists He promised to eradicate, I doubt, will flee as if driven by another Him from their temple stalls on Wall Street or along the Beltway.

And Hanson as funded by a right-wing Stanford think tank will have no gripe about capitalism. It's left to the populists, courted now and then, before being derided.Recent analysis of glacial erratics and loessic silts has shown that the much of the Dales limestone outcrops were ice-free by about 16, BC (see Chapter 3).

Climate Change: The Next Generation shows that “this is not just a matter of the self-appointed good guys against the cavemen, but also a matter of the capitalists wanting to make money.” Monckton's analysis looks impressive.

It is nonsense from start to finish. Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more.

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