Neo liberals versus social democrats in security and tax

Why cut Social Security?

Neo liberals versus social democrats in security and tax

Following are excerpts from the video's transcript, the video page contains the full transcript: From September 12 to September 14 in Banff, Canada, hundreds of elected and appointed government leaders from Canada, Mexico, and the United States met in secret.

The Judicial Watch Foundation submitted freedom of information act requests to obtain the full agenda and minutes of the secret assembly. The foundation finally succeeded, and did receive thousands of documents which are the blueprints of a shadow government ruling by bureaucratic and executive fiat.

The pages chronicle an already operating North American Union— transportation, law enforcement, agriculture, regulation, banking, manufacturing, construction, education, immigration, and the military— are being merged, with no input from the people, or their elected representatives in congress and parliament.

They are trying to bring the masses back to the 'middle ages' in a post-industrial age world order. Building on the massive displacement of humanity caused by globalization, the New World Order is rapidly constructing the physical infrastructure of the North American Union— the NAFTA superhighway control grid.

The proposed Trans-Texas corridor would be a patchwork of superhighways and railroads stretching 4, miles from the border of Mexico, with a private Spanish company winning the bid to collect the tolls for the next 50 years.

These deals with private companies are being negotiated largely in secret. The US Supreme court and the US Constitution could potentially be rendered invalid, and what we would have is the North American business law that would trump what we have here in the United States.

Yes, there is a Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist | Benjamin Studebaker

You have the re-wilding of American and the wildlands project in the convention on biological diversity which is to control our rural population. This trend is accelerating under the NAFTA highway system, and is meant to re-wild more than half of the country.

It was during that study in which I began to realize that this was not an effort to protect the environment, but an effort to control you and I. They were dividing the United States up into little compartments in which they would rip out whole roads and communities to put them back into the wilderness.

Under section of the Patriot Act, all misdemeanors are considered terrorism.

Neo liberals versus social democrats in security and tax

View a full bibliography of the information presented in this video clip.Sep 29,  · Difference between Liberal and Social Democracy? social democrats aim to reform capitalism democratically through state regulation and the creation of programs that work to counteract or remove claimed injustices.

Some consider social democracy to be a moderate form of socialism, though others reject that Status: Resolved.

Yes, there is a Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist | Benjamin Studebaker

neo liberals. a very limited government (support privatization)of most public services and limited government involvement in foreign affairs (against income tax,public education,social security,most public services) libertarians.

disagrees with most social liberals and social conservatives. (social democrats,greens,socialists,communist. Social democrats, democratic socialists, socialist anarchists, and communists also often support democrats because they recognize that they are closer to being democrats than they are republicans and there are not nearly enough of them in the US to make a difference as a third party.

However, unlike European social democrats, US liberals never widely endorsed nationalization of industry but favored regulation for public benefit. In the s and s, both major US political parties included liberal and conservative factions.

Aug 17,  · Neo-liberals tend to support a strong military and police etc because of two reasons, they agree with it due to New Right social views and also it is good for the economy through a boost in revenue for the military industrial complex. What are the different views of neo-liberals versus social democrats with regards to social security and taxation?

One of the most important features of democracy, that allows it to be such a successful form of government is the diversity of political stances.

Social Liberalism vs. Social Democracy: What’s the Difference?