Parental stage one essay

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Parental stage one essay

Table of Contents Prenatal Development Development happens quickly during the prenatal period, which is the time between conception and birth. This period is generally divided into three stages: The Germinal Stage The two-week period after conception is called the germinal stage.

Conception occurs when a sperm cell combines with an egg cell to form a zygote. About thirty-six hours after conception, the zygote begins to divide quickly.

Parental stage one essay

Around seven days after conception, the ball of cells starts to become embedded in the wall of the uterus. This process is called implantation and takes about a week to complete.

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If implantation fails, as is quite common, the pregnancy terminates. One key feature of the germinal stage is the formation of a tissue called the placenta. The placenta has two important functions: The Embryonic Stage The embryonic stage lasts from the end of the germinal stage to two months after conception.

The developing ball of cells is now called an embryo. In this stage, all the major organs form, and the embryo becomes very fragile. The biggest dangers are teratogens, which are agents such as viruses, drugs, or radiation that can cause deformities in an embryo or fetus.

At the end of the embryonic period, the embryo is only about an inch long. The Fetal Stage The last stage of prenatal development is the fetal stage, which lasts from two months after conception until birth. About one month into this stage, the sex organs of the fetus begin to form.

The fetus quickly grows as bones and muscles form, and it begins to move inside the uterus. Organ systems develop further and start to function. During the last three months, the brain increases rapidly in size, an insulating layer of fat forms under the skin, and the respiratory and digestive systems start to work independently.

Fetal Viability Around twenty-two to twenty-six weeks after conception, the fetus reaches the age of viability, after which it has some chance of surviving out-side the womb if it is born prematurely.

Adverse Factors Affecting Fetal Development Although the womb provides protection, the fetus remains indirectly connected to the outside world through its mother. Several factors that are linked to the mother can harm the fetus:Parental Conflict and Child Development Essay - With the very high divorce rates in America, one could assume that this is a beneficial solution to marital conflict.

However, according to Janie Sarrazin and Francine Cyr () research shows that “24 to 33% of the families who go through a divorce continue to undergo significant conflicts.

A Mother Diagnosed With Cancer Psychology Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Being diagnosed with cancer at this stage in one's life can be stressful and in some cases, traumatic. In spite of the minimal difficulties reported by children whose parents have early stage parental cancer, Osborn () stated that these.

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Essay; Essay about The. The last stage of prenatal development is the fetal stage, which lasts from two months after conception until birth.

About one month into this stage, the sex organs of the fetus begin to form.

Parental stage one essay

About one month into this stage, the sex organs of the fetus begin to form. To grow great writers, all you need is love—for that quirky, insightful, brilliant mind that lives inside your kiddos; and a little help—a few tools to demystify the writing process.

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