Suffragists and suffragettes essay writer

It consisted of mainly middle class and liberal links, but also working class members. The suffragists were a non-violent group, who used tradition actions in help to gain the vote.

Suffragists and suffragettes essay writer

It was founded and led by Millicent Fawcett in The Suffragettes was also a campaign and organisation to give women the right to vote, however this organisation started later and was inspired by the Suffragists.

The Suffragettes was started and led by Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst in The main difference between the two was the methods used to get their points across. The Suffragists took a more calmer and rational approach to the situation however the Suffragettes chose to use militant methods to make people agree with them.

The Suffragists used peaceful methods which would take its toll upon the decisions of the voting in a long period of time. Some of the methods used by the Suffragists were petitions, debates, speeches and posters.

All the methods used by the Suffragists were law-abiding, so they were legitimate. They wanted to achieve this by persuasion and argument not through threats and violence. The reason why they must of chosen to start a petition was because if they could get people to agree with it and show the politicians that everyone is in favour of women and voting then that would surely change their minds, right?

Debates would also support their beliefs as one it is law-abiding and two it would slowly get a message through to people exactly what the advantages of supporting their idea would mean. The reason why they used posters was because a lot of people would see the posters and that might persuade or even just give information on the campaign.

The Suffragettes used rebellious and aggressive methods, so their beliefs straight away were different to the Suffragists. Some of their methods were heckling, debating, hunger strikes, embarrassment, and other violent immoral methods. All the methods had several reasons behind them, their beliefs.

The Suffragettes used heckling as a method because they thought if they keep irritating the politicians they are going to have to give in sooner or later.

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They also used debating as a method because again just to get their point across to the country. Suffragettes had a very good reason for using hunger as a method that was to make people feel sympathetic towards them, so people would think they feel so deeply about the issues that they would starve to death for it to become true.

This must of made people fear them and the fear could have got extra votes for being in favour of it.

In my opinion I think that the Suffragists methods were a lot more efficient then the Suffragettes.

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The reason for this is because if the women from the Suffragettes are smashing windows and creating chaos would you trust them in having a vote on how to run the country?

They have no respect from the men and the politicians were men so they are not going to take onboard their ideas. So they must have won respect over which means votes.

Both of the leaders wanted women to have the right to vote, to do that they needed publicity this was where the differences showed through their attitudes. Millicent Fawcett got publicity by being civilised and making speeches, letters to politicians and many other various ways, they gained a lot of respect for women.

However Emmeline Pankhurst resulted to violence, smashing windows and harassing politicians and for publicity going on hunger strikes.

They both used completely different methods to get the same point of view and same change in the country across.The history of feminism is the chronological narrative of the movements and ideologies aimed at equal rights for feminists around the world have differed in cause, goals, and intentions depending on time, culture, and country, most Western feminist historians assert that all movements that work to obtain women's rights should be considered feminist movements, even when they did not.

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suffragists and suffragettes essay writer

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suffragists and suffragettes essay writer

They gained support from MPs shown in a series of Private Members Bills. The Suffragettes (WPSU) employed 98 women office workers in London.

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They were associated with upper class, but also working class support. They went by violent, militant actions. The Suffragettes and Suffragists used a variety of methods, some of which were effective, and others that were not, during their campaign. Both groups used methods with the single aim of gaining publicity, such as demonstrations, these were highly successful and effective.

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