Term paper in media management

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Term paper in media management

Term paper in media management

Ibid Issues management "involves proactive systematic identification of issues of potential concern to an organization and development of a system to respond to them. Media relations involves coping with the media through providing information, responses and other communications.

Merchandising support revolves around product, idea or image packaging. Management of events revolves around event planning in order to gain the attention of media. Promotional activities are the organizations attempts in gaining support.

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Public affairs is an intricate area of public relations which is inclusive of dealing with officials in the community as well as other pressure groups and legislative groups. Publicity must be managed in furthering the organization and in executing public messages.

Sponsorship is an agreement in the form of a contract in which promotional opportunities are given in trade for services or money. Trying to Create Rational Explanations in a Non-Rational World" states that millions of dollars are spent each year in the attempt to answer the questions that are asked in relation to crisis management by the organization.

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Schannon reviews the convention issues management model which was used by many organizations and specifically used by the Public Affairs Council until about The following figure is an illustration of this model.

Conventional Issues Management Model Source: Schannon This model, according to Schannon: It presupposes a rational linear system that can be measured and predicted. But it fails to capture the reality of the experience.

Issue change does not occur on a gradual basis but may be " One can envision adding energy into the system until it reaches a threshold level and intensifies or draining enough energy from the system so that the issue immediately drops to a lower engagement level.

Term paper in media management

This hypothesis is at the hart of a new approach to issues management. Schannon, Issue progression is not linear. Awareness does not flow neatly from one target audience to another. It is almost chaotic, issues pop up in the strangest places affecting disparate and unlikely populations, and they can disappear just as quickly.

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This essay focuses on studying the knowledge management jointly with social media leading to innovation. The essay seeks to examine the role of social media taking IKEA as the case of interest. It aims to further investigate how knowledge management through social media help a company in its innovations, product development and services.

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