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In this town is the tomb of Tansen, one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. Next to his beautifully carved stone tomb stands a little tamarind tree. It is believed that by eating a leaf of this tree and touching the tomb, a singer can improve his voice.

Write about tansen

Enable the students know about Tansen — the greatest musician of India.

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Enable the students identify the role of a teacher in making a person great. Enable the students describe the magic of music.

Enable the students differentiate Raga Deepak and Raga Megh. Enable the students share and confirm their responses and appreciation with the teacher and the peer group.

Enable them to use new words and phrases in their own language. Rehman is a talented musician. Jealous- envious He was jealous of my success. Downcast- depressed, sad He seemed very downcast at the news. Naughty but talented, he imitated the calls of birds and animals perfectly.

Once he tried to frighten a group of travellers by roaring like a tiger. Tansen learnt music from Swami Haridas for eleven years. He stayed with a holy man called Mohammad Ghaus. He married Hussaini, one of the ladies in the court of Rani Mrignaini.

Once he was asked to sing Raga Deepak. Tansen asked his daughter and her friend to sing Raga Megh after Raga Deepak to counteract the effect of the latter. Both ragas were sung according to plan. Tansen died in He was the only child of Mukandan Mishra, a singer who lived in Behat near Gwalior.

As a naughty child Tansen often ran away to play in the forest and imitated perfectly the calls of birds and animals. Swami Haridas, a famous singer was once travelling through the forest with his disciples.

Tansen roared like a tiger and frightened the group of travellers. Swami Haridas did not punish Tansen, for his roaring, but convinced his father that Tansen can become a good singer. So Tansen left home at the age of ten and lived with Swamiji and learnt music for eleven years and thus he became a great singer.Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, more famously known as Akbar the Great, was the third emperor of the Mughal Empire, after Babur and Humayun.

He was the son of Nasiruddin Humayun and succeeded him as the emperor in the year , at the tender age of just Tansen was an accomplished musician at Akbar's court The reign of Akbar was a period of renaissance of Persian literature.

The Ain-i-Akbari gives the names of 59 great Persian poets of Akbar's court.

write about tansen

History was the most important branch of Persian prose literature. Abul Fazl's Akbarnama and Ain-iAkbari were complementary works.

write about tansen

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